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Vermont Oatmeal Maple-Honey Bread

Growing up, grocery store bread was a banned product in my house. My mom baked wonderful bread every week. At the time I thought that was terribly unfair and I wanted my sandwich bread to look the same as everyone else’s at lunch time. There’s no accounting for taste in children! When I moved out on my own, I bought bread from the grocery store because I had never bothered to learn how to make it myself. But after a year or so of that, I’m trying to eliminate our need to buy grocery store bread. It all started after I found half a loaf of bread that had gotten lost on top of the fridge for at least a month. When I found it, it hadn’t molded one little bit. Gross! Food should go bad. So my occasional loaf of Cook’s Illustrated American Sandwich Bread has turned into weekly bread baking.

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Deep Dish Pizza

It’s no secret that I love bread. Growing up, my mom always said that I was a carb-tarian, not a vegetarian. So it makes sense that I love a good thick crust pizza. When I was in grade school, my parents occasionally rewarded a good report card with pizza, and our local pizza place had the best thick crust pizza I’ve ever had. And when I say thick, I mean thick. The crust was pillowy and full of big air bubbles, and it had just the right amount of toppings (I always ordered mushrooms and olives). I’ve never even tried to recreate it home, because it just didn’t seem possible. But I was reading the King Arthur Baker’s Companion in bed the other night, and John read over my shoulder and requested for pizza for dinner. The recipe he was looking at just happened to be for thick crust pizza, so I decided it was time to try it.

A slice of pizza

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Maple Granola

There are some things that are so simple it’s hard to believe you haven’t made them yet. For me, one of them was granola. It’s hard to believe it took me this long to get around to making my own. There’s no special equipment to buy, most of the ingredients are things I tend to keep around the house, and it doesn’t require any special skill. So I finally made myself do it over the weekend. It was just as delicious and as easy as everyone says it is.

A bowl of granola

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