TWD: Chocolate Pudding

This is my first photo-less post, and I have Melissa from It’s Melissa’s Kitchen to thank for that. You see, she chose a recipe, chocolate pudding, for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie that was so delicious I ate it all before I managed to take a picture. Technically there is still some pudding left, in the form of frozen puddin’ pops, so perhaps when my self control fails and I venture into the freezer for some pudding goodness, I’ll remember to hold back long enough for a Kodak moment. Or perhaps not.

Obviously, this pudding was fantastic. Unlike Dorie, I was raised on homemade chocolate pudding, and I’m still wowed by this recipe! It was so very chocolatey and delicious. And the texture was fantastic. My mom’s pudding, prepared sans food processor, was never ever lumpy, but it also didn’t have the texture that this one did. Dorie says it best when she calls it velvety. With that said, the mess I made in the kitchen, between transferring the pudding to and from the food processor, was intense. By the end, I think I got more pudding on the counter, stove, food processor and myself than I did in the bowl! I may try using my stick blender next time to see if I can get the same texture with a little less mess.

Dorie suggests serving the pudding chilled, and while it was delicious that way, I also happen to be a big fan of a hot bowl of chocolate pudding. Preferably in a wide bowl to maximize the skin, since I am one of those people who thinks the best part of pudding is the skin. When I was little I used to take a small spoonful from the middle of the bowl and then scrape out all the pudding from underneath the skin, in order to save the skin for last! Since it’s been so hot out, I froze most of the pudding in popsicle molds. They are way tastier than anything we could get chasing after the ice cream truck!

Thanks, Melissa, for chosing such a great recipe! You can find the recipe here at her blog.

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  1. Rebecca said

    I’d never eaten cold homemade pudding before. My mother always served it up hot, probably because we couldn’t wait four hours for pudding. ;)

  2. Karina said

    Thank you Rebecca! I was starting to wonder if I was weird!

  3. Roni said

    Ha! Love that you ate it before you could take a pic. Sounds like you did a great job!

  4. Ooh, one of the lucky few who were raised on the good stuff. Sounds like you liked it, and freezing it? I’m so sad mine is gone because I’d like to try that!

  5. pamela said

    Sounds like you really enjoyed it. I think just about everything tastes great out of the pan or bowl. The pudding pops sound good, too!

  6. Kait said

    Pudding pops sound so good. In its next life, that’s what I want this pudding to be in my household, too.

  7. Jules said

    Can’t do the skin myself. I understand about just eating and not even worrying about photos. Glad you liked it!

  8. Mara said

    mine didn’t even get a skin even though i didnt press the plastic against it, so odd. pops sound fabulous too!

  9. Sarah said

    I am a cold, without skin, kind of pudding eater, but any pudding is good. Making this into pudding pops is a great idea…next time!

  10. nbbride06 said

    Glad you enjoyed it so much that you didn’t take pictures…love it!

  11. I loved the pudding pops best too – they are fantastic!

  12. Barbara said

    Glad you liked it so much!

  13. Dolores said

    I am so-oooo going to make this again and freeze it into pops. I don’t even need a picture to tell me that’s got to be phenomenal. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. nickki said

    I love hot chocolate pudding as well! But I’m a fan of eating it cold as well :)

  15. aaliyah said

    How cute lol…like eating the middle of the bread lol. I am not a fan of the skin but enjoy the stories of those that like the skin. Sounds like it turned out great for! Look forward to your post next week!

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