TWD: Mixed Berry Cobbler

I don’t think I went in to this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, Mixed Berry Cobbler, with an open mind. The recipe had so many negative reviews from other members that I was expecting the worst. What I got was a perfectly acceptable dessert. It wasn’t mind blowing, it didn’t wow, but John and his brother gobbled it up pretty quickly. I think we’ve all come to expect perfection from every single recipe in Baking, but the reality is that there are a couple of recipes that are just plain ho hum, and this is one of them.

Mixed Berry Cobbler

The problem is, I really wanted this one to be a star. My freezer is constantly full of half empty bags of frozen berries, and this recipe is a great way to use them before they get freezer burned beyond recognition. It’s also a great summery dessert that can be made in the dead of winter, and goodness knows I need that. So even though this one was a bit of a disappointment, I’ll probably keep making variations of it until I get it right. I’m envisioning blueberries and raspberries with vanilla sugar in the crust and the filling for next time.

You can find the recipe posted by Beth of Our Sweet Life or in Baking: From My Home to Yours, which is currently on a sweet sale at Amazon.

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  1. Sarah said

    Looks great…seems like a lot of TWDers chose ramekins this week!

  2. Those ideas for future cobblers sound delicious. Good to hear it got consumed so quickly!

  3. mari said

    Cobblers are made to play around and everyone has their own personal idea of what’s the best. Keep at it till you get it perfect for you!

  4. Amy P said

    Your picture is great. The vanilla sugar sounds good. I put some vanilla extract and cinnamon in mine.

  5. kim said

    it looks great! i hope you find your perfect recipe :)

  6. carrie said

    Lovely photo!

  7. Although you are still looking for the perfect recipe, your version looks great!

    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  8. Caitlin said

    Tweak away, just let us know how you improved it!

  9. Kelly D said

    Vanilla sugar would be a great addition. Tweak away!

  10. Looks fabulous! Great job!

  11. Natashya said

    Looks really good. I agree that this would be great in the winter, a nice burst of berry goodness when we need it most.

  12. Jules said

    Looks delicious. I’m with you in thinking that this will be wonderful with frozen berries in the dead of winter.

  13. sorry to hear you weren’t a fan. i’m sure you’ll come up with a prefect variation, though!

  14. pamela said

    It looks so pretty!

  15. Linda said

    cobbler recipes are fun to tweak…have fun experimenting!

  16. Rebecca said

    I made mine with half-used bags from smoothie recipes. Sorry, Dorie! ;)

  17. Jaime said

    looks great! i wouldn’t call it ho hum but i guess i still have my favorite. try the recipe in my blog, see if you like it!

  18. noskos said

    Looks great!!

  19. Heather B said

    Looks delicious! Great job!

  20. Love the photo with the spoon! Looks delicious!
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

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